Rose Bakery Style Smoothie

Bringing Paris into New Jersey with my take on the Rose Bakery banana smoothie! 🍌🥛 Ingredients:  1.5 cups unsweetened organic soy milk 1 ripe banana Handful oats (One Degree Organics are my fave b/c they’re sprouted) Handful spinach Spoonful of almond butter (I used Manna Organics nuts n seeds) Spoonful maca powder Spoonful of Coconut Cult original coconut yogurt Optional: …

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Homemade Berry Jam

We found ourselves with a lot of very ripe berries all at once. One option is to freeze them for smoothies, but we are completely out of freezer space. Then I remembered how easy it is to make homemade berry jam! Take your berries (or whatever fruit you want to use, but I recommend ripe …

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Superhero Oatmeal

This is what happens when you ask your son what he wants for breakfast, and he responds with “oatmeal but make it superhero”. I like to spruce up my kids’ oatmeal with ground flax, almond butter, cinnamon, berries, and in this case, E3LIVE blue majik powder. For the oats, we love One Degree Organic sprouted quick oats. …

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Chocolate Mousse

If you have overripe bananas but are sick of banana bread, make chocolate mousse! This is a great dessert that I also eat for breakfast because chocolate for breakfast is always a good idea.  1 ripe banana (if frozen, allow to defrost) 1 ripe avocado  1/4 cup unsweetened plant milk  1/4 cup cacao powder 2 …

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