SPRING CLEANING is a 3-week program that focuses on cleaning up our most important home: our bodies!

Program Dates: April 12 – May 2

Program Cost: $21

You’ll receive everything you need to get started on Wednesday, April 7th before we kick things off on Sunday, April 11th with our first group coaching session.

What you get:

  • Program guidelines with options to meet you where you are
  • Daily emails diving into the science behind the program components
  • Weekly group coaching sessions via Zoom
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, connect with other members and share some delicious recipes!

The benefits:

Below are the most common benefits reported by people who’ve participated in my past wellness programs.

  • improved sleep
  • increased energy
  • better skin
  • reduced inflammation
  • decreased bloating

It’s impossible to fail!

If the thought of a 3-week wellness program sounds intimidating, I promise you there’s no such thing as failing. I’m all about progress over perfection, and I’m definitely NOT about deprivation or starving yourself. When you sign up, you’re making a commitment to learn and do your best. That’s all!

Are you ready to make your health a priority?

If so, click the button below to purchase your spot in the group.

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