My Favorite Beauty & Wellness Things for Fall

September means my kids are back in school, and I’m buckling down on everything from my daily routine to what products I’m using.  While I love experimenting, especially when it comes to beauty and wellness, come fall, it’s only sticking around if it’s working.   Here are my favorite beauty and wellness things for fall: Truvani …

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The Magic of Silence

Last month, I went on the Element Retreat in Italy led by Deborah Hanekamp (aka Mama Medicine).  I figured we’d be working with the elements of nature.  Otherwise, I didn’t know what to expect.  When the itinerary was sent out a month before the retreat, I saw there’d be a two day period of silence.  …

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January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year! I’m sure your inbox and targeted ads are filled with detox diets and the promise of losing weight. However, I’m not a huge fan of detoxes for the sole purpose of losing weight. Weight loss can be a welcome side effect but typically, the lost weight will come back as soon as …

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