The Magic of Silence

Last month, I went on the Element Retreat in Italy led by Deborah Hanekamp (aka Mama Medicine).  I figured we’d be working with the elements of nature.  Otherwise, I didn’t know what to expect.  When the itinerary was sent out a month before the retreat, I saw there’d be a two day period of silence.  …

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Diet is a Four Letter Word

Recently, I was at a wedding with a Venetian hour.  If you don’t know what that is, instead of being served a slice of wedding cake, you’re invited to a dessert spread of epic proportions.  In this case, it was an entire room of gelato, chocolate fondue, all different kinds of pastries, cookies and more. …

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Creamy Paprika Shrimp

Shout out to Green Chef who inspired this recipe. Of all the meals I made during my Green Chef trial, the creamy paprika shrimp was easily the best. Of course, I had to make it my own, which means faster, easier and dairy-free. Ingredients Raw shrimp (enough for however many people you are – for …

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Healthy Travel Tips

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and the number one question people ask me is how I stay healthy when I’m away from home so much.  What works for me is first understanding what’s in my control and what’s out of my control.  Then I review my basic healthy habits and see what falls under …

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Healthy Eating Made Easier: My Review of Daily Harvest, Fresh N’ Lean and Greenchef

Even though I’m ride-or-die for Sakara, there’s no denying that their meal delivery program is expensive.  I wish the US had a better system for making healthy food accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic status.  Eating high quality food in the United States may be costly, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be inconvenient.  For …

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