I’m a Barbie Girl

My almost 10-year-old daughter and I saw the Barbie movie a couple of weeks ago, and I cried for half the film. What particularly resonated for me was this idea that as a woman, I feel as though I have to do THE MOST to earn the same level of respect that the average man […]

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Traveling for Two

This post is from the Hauling in Heels archive (if you know, you know). I wrote it in July 2014 when my first child was around 10 months old. By this time, I’d taken her on several flights with me, many of them long-haul. Although 9 years old, the advice in this post stands the

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The Day I Became a Mother

In a nod to Women’s History Month, I’m sharing an important moment in my history: the day I became a mother. Here is my daughter’s birth story. ***Trigger warning: Fertility issues and birth interventions*** How it all began When Steven and I first started dating, way before having babies was a consideration, he had surgery

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