3 Ways to Deal With Stress Eating

I’m writing to you from quarantine. There’s a 90% chance I’m hiding from my kids. If I’m not, then that’s because they are watching TV. I know stress.

It’s completely natural to want to soothe ourselves when we are stressed out, and for many, we soothe with food. Stress eating (and emotional eating in general) is such a deep topic that I’m creating an entire workshop around it, but in the meantime, here are some tips to help your clothes still fit when this ordeal is over.

#1 – Opt for more (yes more) fruits and vegetables. Include them at every meal if you can. Whatever situation you are dealing with, stress messes with our immune system. By keeping a mix of plants in our diets, we are keeping our systems strong. Plus, the fiber found in plants naturally helps us feel satisfied.

#2 – Sit down for every “meal” and plate it, even if it’s a snack. This means you aren’t doing anything else. No social media, no TV, not even reading the back of a box.

#3 – Wear jeans. It’s super easy to overeat when we have a stretchy waistband. Jeans give us that physical reminder when our stomachs are at their limit. Maternity jeans don’t count.

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