A Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift List

A holiday dedicated to love? Sign me up! I love love! I love gifts! Therefore, I love Valentine’s Day gifts!

Here are some of my top Valentine’s Day gift choices, from the simple to splurge items. These don’t have to be gifts from someone else either! Self-love is the ultimate love, after all. One of my love languages is gifts, so naturally it only makes sense for me to buy myself gifts from time to time. Otherwise, how else will I know how much I love…me? 😉

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The Classic Valentine’s Day Gift: Chocolate

Will Vesta be on every gift list I make? Yes, yes they will, and for good reason. Better chocolate doesn’t exist, not in taste, not in quality. My favorites are the 78% and 84% bars, as well as the dark chocolate covered almonds. For non-locals, they ship nationwide.

The Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift: Dinner

The caveat here is that kids are not included because nothing spoils romance faster than constantly being interrupted. Also, it has to be out at a nice restaurant. Once upon a time, my husband and I would reject the prix-fixe menus and cook something special in our NYC apartment. To heck with that. At this point in our lives, we will happily be overcharged if it means one less meal where we have to shop, prep, cook and clean. For those in the Montclair area, Le Salbuen is my top choice. In NYC, it’s Cafe Cluny or Locanda Verde.

The Sensual Valentine’s Day Gift: Massage

Between sitting at a desk, carrying a ton of bags and being tackled by kids and/or a dog all throughout my day, nothing sounds more enticing than a 60 minute massage. My favorite place to go in NYC is Shibui Spa, but for a local option, I have a great person who comes to your house. If you’re in Northern NJ, hit me up for her number. If she’s good enough for the Jonas Brothers, she’s good enough for me!

The Valentine’s Day Gift to Yourself: Laser Hair Removal or a Workout Membership

This is where it gets a little hairy (pun intended) when it comes to someone else buying these gifts for you. I would LOVE these as gifts; however, others might be offended. At this point, I’m in a touch-ups only phase of laser hair removal, but my go-to person is Sabina at Sisters on the Go, who comes right to my home. As for a workout, gifts mean it’s time to go a little fancier than the $9.99/month workouts, in which case, I would choose a Tracy Anderson membership. My body looks its absolute best when I’m committed to doing her workouts.

What are your ideal Valentine’s Day gifts?

Image courtesy of Vesta Chocolate.

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