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Happy New Year!

I’m sure your inbox and targeted ads are filled with detox diets and the promise of losing weight. However, I’m not a huge fan of detoxes for the sole purpose of losing weight. Weight loss can be a welcome side effect but typically, the lost weight will come back as soon as the detox ends. 

Instead, I go into a detox with an intention of learning and awareness. We “tox” ourselves with so much everyday that it’s hard to distinguish between the things that are serving us well versus the things that are holding us back. By experiencing a detox, I’m able to get really clear on what I’d like to change for the better (or not). Starting over winter break, I did a few different types of detoxes. Keep reading to learn about the ones I tried to see if any of them resonate for you.

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Technology Detox

Working from home has so many benefits, and none of them are the nonexistent barrier between my work and life balance. My phone is both my best friend and mortal enemy, but what’s worse, my kids sometimes feel like they have to compete for my attention over my phone. While I can make excuses about how unnatural it is for my kids to be home as often as they are – and during work hours especially – the truth is that I’ve struggled to set proper boundaries since early 2020. Over winter break, I decided to truly unplug. 

What did that look like for me? I set up an away message on all of my emails – personal and professional – to let people know I wasn’t checking email until after the New Year. Social media was a no-go zone completely. The result? In my moments of down time, I learned how much I pick up my phone because I kept catching myself going to check emails or scroll through social apps. Gradually, I started filling those moments with other things: taking a walk; working out; reading a book; or even just sitting with my imagination. I was also a lot more present with my family. Of all the detoxes I did, this was my favorite.

Sakara Level II Detox

I make healthy food choices most of the time, but I eat a lot of things on repeat. Every once in awhile, I order Sakara meals to incorporate more plant diversity (a week of Sakara meals includes over 200 different plants!), but once a year, I like to do a complete reset. Though I’ve dallied with other detoxes in the past, I keep coming back to the Sakara Level II Detox. Unlike many “cleanses”, this one involves food, and if you know me by now, then you know I’d rather eat than drink my nutrition. Sakara offers the best real food detox I’ve found, and for the first time in many years, I didn’t have to detox alone. A few of us did it together, but my friend Bari (@thegratefullplate on IG) was kind enough to do a guest blog post. Read her take on it here

Psst, if you decide to try it for yourself, use code XOJEN for 20% off your first Sakara order.

Home Detox

When we first moved out of our NYC apartment and into our home in the suburbs, people kept telling me that when you have a house, you fill it with stuff. This gave me the sweats. I don’t like “stuff”. Clutter is my arch nemesis, and as my poor husband can attest, if I’m stressed out, I immediately start manically cleaning and/or nagging everyone else about daring to leave a dirty dish on the table. After living in our house for over 6 years, it got to a point where my husband and I despised going into our basement (aka our dumping ground) for everything in the house that we weren’t sure what to do with. I scheduled an appoinment with The RealReal to sell our nicer things, while my husband scheduled a donation pick-up so someone else could love the rest of our unloved stuff. I swear, the air feels lighter around here.

New Year, New Things

All this detoxing left space for me to bring in something new, something with intention behind it. Enter ear seed kits. I learned about ear seeds firsthand while I was pregnant and brutally ill with nausea. My midwife sent me to an acupuncturist who applied ear seeds for relief. Back then, I would’ve loved the option to apply them myself because with my hectic work schedule, getting to the acupuncturist wasn’t always easy. Ear seeds can be a powerful healing tool and are great for more than just nausea. 

With that in mind, I’m now selling NAO Wellness Ear Seed Kits, which you can buy here. I love how NAO Wellness combines function with fashion. I’m always telling people that being healthy doesn’t have to taste bad, but in this case, it also doesn’t have to look bad. 😉 Click here to learn more about NAO Wellness and their ear seed kits. 

Woo! That was a long one! I hope you found something in here to inspire you. If you have any questions, feel free to reply directly to this email.

Wishing you a healthy and happy start to 2022!

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