Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

There’s a lot to celebrate around this time of year, not the least of which are the flowers and fruits coming into full bloom.  Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or someone in your life has a graduation, birthday or anniversary coming up, here are some gift ideas that lean healthy yet luxurious.

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Gift Ideas for the Music and Festival Lover

I work in construction where hearing loss is one of the biggest health hazards so I’m extra cautious when it comes to taking care of my hearing.  I love concerts but don’t love the potential hearing loss that comes with them, not to mention the ringing in my ears when it’s over.  These Loop ear plugs keep my hearing intact and look like jewelry.  

Combined with concert tickets (bonus points if those tickets are extra hard to get…Swifties know) and this studded PVC bag that passes the transparency requirements at stadiums, you have an excellent gift bundle.

If your recipient would prefer to stay home, then I highly recommend hitting up eBay or yard sales for vintage records to go with this record player. It also plays digital music thanks to Bluetooth.

Gift Ideas for the Shade Bather

Summer is coming! I’m vigilant about protecting my face from sun damage and usually opt for a baseball cap, but it’s not too stylish.  This Janessa Leone hat is definitely a splurge, so if that seems unreasonable, a gorgeous SPF 50 cover-up like this one from Cabana Life will make a good gift as well.  

I’d throw in a bottle of Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen (side note: also a great buy for the golf-playing men in your life with facial hair) and then Lux Unfiltered’s facial tanning drops.  If self-tanner is too risky, the Drunk Elephant bronzing drops give a good temporary glow.  PS – if the bucket hat isn’t in the budget or you don’t know the right size, this visor is under $20 and adjustable.

Gift Ideas for the Homebody

Sometimes self-care is staying in and watching a movie. I’m neither proud nor ashamed to say I own more than my fair share of overpriced sweatpants.  I’ve tried Alo (too heavy), Free City (too low rise), Electric & Rose (too tight) and Aviator Nation (too loud).  On the more economical side, I’ve tried Aerie (too big), Champion (too stiff) and J. Crew (the quality went the way of Jenna Lyons).  The most perfect and comfortable pair of sweatpants I own are these Monrow sweatpants.  

Since they are equally good for lounging and running errands, they work well with these Alo socks.  If it’s easier to get everything from Amazon, get these Nike socks instead and this super soft sweatshirt, which I can’t say enough good things about.

If your recipient isn’t a sweatpants fan, then you can’t go wrong with these leggings or these bike shorts, both by Lululemon.  Both will still pair perfectly with the socks and sweatshirt.

Gift Ideas for the Beauty Junkie

Vintner’s Daughter serum and essence are obnoxiously expensive, which makes them perfect for a gift.  Apologize in advance for getting them hooked on something that they’ll then want to rebuy.  Every beauty lover needs a good face treatment, and this Goop one makes my face feel like it’s on fire, which is how I know it’s working.

Some other clean beauty options are the face creams from Grown Alchemist or Alpyn Beauty.  Makeup, like fragrance, can be pretty personal, but this Summer Fridays lip balm works for everyone.

To round it all out, get them a beauty blender, this viral spa headband and a magic mitt, the latter of which I have used for almost 20 years in lieu of face wash.

Gift Ideas for the Coffee Drinker

I’ve used my Nespresso machine almost daily for over 12 years, and it’s still going strong.  They don’t make mine anymore, but whichever you choose, make sure it comes with a milk frother, or buy it separately, because it makes a person feel like they’re in a fancy coffee shop.  Nespresso FINALLY makes organic pods (I’m tempted to take credit since I sent multiple emails over the years), but these Meseta ones are also compatible with the original machines (not vertuo) and delicious.

No coffee drink can exist without the right mug, and I’m still ride-or-die for my Ember mug.  Never drink a cold cup of coffee again!

Gift Ideas for the Guys

My husband always says not to get him anything, but that’s like asking me to stop loving him.  Impossible.  Of all the gifts I’ve ever given him, I’ve learned what is genuinely appreciated versus a gift for the sake of gifting.  For example, my husband practically lives in these pants from Lululemon because they’re nice enough for work but are really athleisure, his favorite type of clothing.

Most men are terrible at drinking enough water, but this Stanley tumbler may help them out.  I’ve lost count of how many pairs of ON sneakers my husband has gone through, but the fact that he keeps buying them is telling.  Their Cloud 5 ones are really popular. If your man is active, then the Theragun mini will be money well spent.  Henry Rose makes clean and unisex fragrances, and they offer a sampler pack so the man in your life can find the right scent for him.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with white t-shirts.  For nicer-than-Hanes options, I highly recommend Alo and Buck Mason.

Gift Ideas for Yourself

Since gifts are one of my love languages, how do I know I love myself if I don’t also get something for me?  While I’ve purchased some lovely items over the years, certain ones stand out more than others.

Kindle Unlimited is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  I probably read somewhere between 50-100 books per year, and 90% of them are on KU.  While you’re at it, download TikTok (even if you’ve sworn you never would) and get on booktok.  Warning: this will somehow turn you into a hockey fan. Don’t question the algorithm.

Speaking of investments, trying Sakara’s meal delivery for the first time was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I learned so much about truly nourishing myself, and the meals inspired my own home cooking.  Not only did I turn into a long-term client, but I went on to become an affiliate.  This means I can share how much I love Sakara AND get people 20% off their first order with code XOJEN.  

Finally, I love perfume, but as I mentioned before, it’s so personal.  Snif has a really cool trial option.  Maison Marie Louis is another brand I discovered years ago in Amsterdam that’s gotten more popular in the US.  They have a sampler, and I’m personally loving the perfume oils in particular.  I’m excited to try the new No. 13 (update: tried it, not for me), but No. 4 is lovely, and No. 12 would smell great on my husband.

The Gift Idea that Trumps All Other Gift Ideas

Experiences > Things.  Always.  Planning anything, whether it’s a night out, a weekend full of fun, or a bucket list vacation, will always be the best gift in my opinion.  It shows consideration and thoughtfulness, plus the memories last forever. This also works as a gift to yourself.

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  1. Katy Buskirk

    Jen, this is amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I am so appreciative of all of this, but most especially the ear plugs! They look fantastic. I keep earplugs in my purse at all times(headpain). These look so cute, but I also love the shape. I have sensitive ears, and these look like they might feel better and not give the “earplug headache”. Thank you bless you! I know this is a long reply over earplugs, but hey it is the little things that are major! =D so much love to you, Katy

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