My Travel Wellness Essentials

I pride myself on being a light packer, but just because I’m traveling, my healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop being a priority.  Here are my must-brings when it comes to staying healthy while traveling.

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Chlorella Tablets

In an ideal world, I’m eating all the leafy greens.  In reality, I sometimes travel to places where when I ask for a vegan breakfast recommendation, I’m served buttered toast (yes, I’m aware butter isn’t vegan, but for the record, not everyone else is).  I bring these chlorella tablets to get my greens when the real thing is hard to come by.  Along these same lines, I also bring Sakara’s Detox drops to wash away all manners of sins during my day.


I’m a girl who plays Russian roulette with her gas tank, as in I don’t even pay attention to the fuel levels until the light comes on…and even then, my next thoughts are, “Eh, I can make it.”  It should therefore come as no surprise that unless there’s a sign explicitly telling me otherwise, I drink hotel tap water.  This is primarily because I avoid drinking out of plastic bottles for both my health and Mother Nature’s, but also because I drink so much water that it’s truly the most convenient option.  

Since every place has their own blend of water, so to speak, I make sure to double up my probiotics (I take both Sakara probiotics and Dr. Ohhira’s) to keep my gut happy.  Also, if I’m going somewhere that the water is notoriously tough on a foreigner (like Mexico), I bring activated charcoal pills as well.

Ballet Beautiful

This is my go-to workout when I’m traveling because it requires nothing more than my phone or computer, which is already with me, and my body, also already with me.  I have this full body workout downloaded to my device so I can access it with or without wifi.  Combined with whatever cardio I can manage, whether it’s a hotel gym elliptical machine or lots of walking, and I’m good to go in the exercise department.


Between time changes and strange beds, nothing messes with sleep like travel. Sorry melatonin lovers, but I’m really not a fan of this for sleep.  Melatonin is a hormone so unless I’m in a serious jet lag/European destination situation, I tend to stay away.  My sleep aid of choice is magnesium, specifically Ned’s Mellö magnesium packets, which are perfect for travel in their single dosage packets.  Ned makes theirs with a combination of magnesium, L-theanine and Gaba, all of which are ideal for restful sleep.  For women especially, it may also help keep us regular, which is another plus when traveling since our systems can get thrown off.

Protein Bars

While a proper meal is always my first choice, having a high-quality protein bar in my bag keeps me satisfied for those times when I’m on a plane or in the stretch between lunch and dinner.  At home, it’s easy to have snacks made of whole foods, but when I’m out of town, it’s not always easy to find something light and healthy.  My favorite bars right now are the Sakara metabolism bars.  They have 12 grams of plant protein, only 4 grams of sugar and no fake ingredients.

Those are my travel wellness essentials.  I try my best to get a good night’s sleep, not drink too much alcohol or caffeine, and eat as many plants as possible, but I also don’t stress about it.  One of the benefits to traveling is getting a break from my routine, and then I’m usually grateful to get back to it once I return.  If you have any wellness travel essentials, share them below!

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  1. Safe travels. Enjoy your time away! Good luck on your presentation. I know you’ll hit it out of the ballpark 😍

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