Sakara Level II Detox Review + Discount Code

If you’re curious about Sakara and the Sakara Level II Detox in particular, you’ve come to the right place! 

Every year, I like to do one major detox.  Nothing crazy, just a few days where I give my body what I consider a deep clean.  Last year, I attempted a well-known cleanse, but it wasn’t for me.  Since I kept comparing it to the Sakara Level II Detox I did in 2019, I decided to do it again this year. I love how it’s real food of the highest purity and quality. 

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Sakara Level II Detox Overview

The detox is 5 days long.  Sakara gives prep instructions (basically, don’t binge on junk food before), and a health coach checks in with you daily.  After the cleanse, you receive a transition out guide, which includes recipe ideas.

Sakara provides everything you need for the detox, including meals, drinks and a dry brush to use morning and night.  You also receive supplements to take, as well as their beauty and detox water drops.  The first three days begin with a whole food breakfast and lunch. There’s a coconut kefir drink for afternoon snack, and dinner is a medicinal broth.  The fourth day is all liquids. You get a green detox blend (kind of like a pulpy smoothie), a carrot ginger soup for lunch, another green detox blend, the coconut kefir and medicinal broth.  The final day is a whole food breakfast, lunch AND dinner, plus the coconut kefir for afternoon snack.

The regular Sakara meal program eliminates meat, dairy, gluten and refined sugars, but the Sakara Level II detox takes it further.  During the 5 days, there are no grains, nuts, nightshades, soy, or sugars of any kind, not even fruit.  In addition, you’re not to have any caffeine or alcohol.

Day 1

I usually start my day with a sweet breakfast like oatmeal or granola followed by an americano with soy milk.  Starting my day with a savory breakfast filled with vegetables isn’t my first choice, but it wasn’t bad at all.  By lunchtime, I was pretty hungry, but I’m always pretty hungry by lunchtime.  The tough thing mentally was after lunch knowing the rest of my “meals” would be liquid.  The coconut kefir tastes like a piña colada to me, and I’m all about it.  I was nervous about the medicinal broth for dinner because I remember not liking it during my first cleanse, but it was totally fine. By 9pm, I was exhausted and slept like a rock that night.

Day 2

The second day was similar to the first.  I was hungry but never felt weak or cranky.  My stomach was constantly growling, but I got used to it. Even after my liquid dinner the night before, I still had the energy to do a workout first thing.   I experienced some detox headaches, but nothing too terrible.  Actually, I kind of like them because then I feel like something’s happening.  The hardest part was making dinner for my family and then eating the broth, but overall, I was fine.

Day 3

I’d say this was the hardest day, though Day 4 was a close second.  As usual, breakfast and lunch were good, but I grew weary of the digestive tea provided.  I prefer the detox tea provided with the regular meal program.  I made avocado toast for my daughter’s lunch (if you follow me on Instagram, you know avocado toast is a staple for me) and was profoundly jealous.  For my family’s dinner, I roasted some Japanese sweet potatoes with ghee, another all-time favorite of mine.  It felt like torture.  At dinner, I suddenly couldn’t stomach the medicinal broth.  I ended up dumping half of it down the drain.  I didn’t sleep well that night either, but I had a big meeting the next day so that could be why.

Day 4

Day 4 is “soup” day because it’s all liquid.  The green detox blend was fine.  I remember the carrot ginger soup being delicious during the first detox, but when I had it the second time, it didn’t blow me away.  I’ve made the Sakara cookbook carrot ginger soup many times, which is excellent, and this paled by comparison.  My second green detox blend came with me to my meeting, but I left it in my car so I had it on the way back home.  Once home, I did a quick workout, drank the coconut kefir deliciousness and then spent the rest of my time until dinner dreading the broth.  I seriously debated skipping it but managed to get about half of it down again.  All I wanted was to go to sleep so I could wake up to solid food again.

Day 5

Hooray for solid foods!  This is the day where I knew I did it and would see this through.  Also, I was excited to never have to see the medicinal broth again (or at least until next year).  Having real meals again was amazing.  At first, I thought breakfast was too small, but my stomach was used to liquids so it was very satisfying.  I couldn’t even finish my lunch or dinner.  Though I still felt hungry at times, I felt great overall.  The first time I did this detox, I felt like my skin aged backwards, and the benefits kept showing weeks later.  It hasn’t been long enough yet, but I do feel like I’ve given my body the perfect reset.  

Final Thoughts

While I didn’t have a single bite or sip of anything outside the program, on the final day, I switched to the Sakara Detox tea.  I didn’t dry brush in the mornings because I prefer to shower at night, and I don’t like showering more than once a day.  Other than those things (and not finishing my broth on nights 3 and 4), I stuck to the protocol.  I feel great and proud to have accomplished what’s equally as mental as it is physical.

The Sakara Level II Detox may be for you if you eat a mostly plant-based diet and are looking for something clean and challenging, but doable.  If you consume a lot of meat, sugar, caffeine and few vegetables, I’d recommend starting with the regular Sakara meal program and then easing in to the Level II Detox.

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