My Favorite Clean Personal Care Products

When I went down the clean eating path, it wasn’t long before clean personal care followed.  I’ve shared my beauty routine in the past here and here, but those mostly involved facial products.  What about the rest of my body?  Today I’m sharing my favorite clean personal care products. Next to each product is the Environmental Working Group rating for that item where available.

  • Deodorant – I’m starting with the toughest category to switch.  It took me a few tries before I was willing to stick out the 2-week detox period.  Once I did, I’ve never gone back.  My favorite is Schmidt’s Lime & Bergamot or Rose & Vanilla.  For those sensitive to baking soda, I like the Jasmine Tea. (EWG Rating: 1)
  • Shampoo – I have very thick, slightly wavy hair and a lot of it.  I don’t want to wash my hair every day so I need something strong enough to get the grease out but not so strong that I get a rash.  Christophe Robin Sea Salt Purifying Scrub is that for me.  It’s expensive, but one container lasts me 3 months.  For reference, I wash my hair every 3 days.
  • Conditioner – An allergist recommended this Free & Clear Hair Conditioner after he saw me for contact dermatitis.  It’s not fancy and has no scent, but it works.  (EWG Rating: 2)
  • Body soap – Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap in the baby version was my go-to until I went to England and became hooked on the Bamford Haybarn products.  Still, when my English stash runs out, I know Bronners will always be there. (EWG Rating: 1)
  • Moisturizer – I massage my face with Plant Therapy Near Perfection oil, and this also doubles as a body moisturizer when I don’t splurge on Jao Goe Oil.

If you’re wondering about perfume, so am I.  I’ve tried tons of “natural” perfumes, and I haven’t found a winner yet.  I love perfume though so what I do is spray it on my clothes and around me but never directly on my skin.  

Have you gone natural with your personal care products?  Do you want me to do a post on my makeup next?

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