My 3 Favorite Vegan Sandwiches for a Quick and Healthy Lunch

I love having a sandwich for lunch because they’re ready in 5 minutes and also, I love bread. However, sometimes eating a sandwich – as opposed to say a soup or salad – makes it more difficult to get those plants in…or does it? Presenting my 3 favorite plant-based and vegan sandwiches to make for a quick and healthy lunch (that aren’t avocado toast).

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Mediterranean Hummus Toast

I don’t know why it took me so long to put hummus on sprouted grain English muffins, but once I did, the kalamata olives were a foregone conclusion. Add some arugula, and you have yourself a winning combo. The sprouted grains and chickpeas in the hummus provide plant protein, the sesame seeds and olives provide some healthy fats, and you know how I feel about leafy greens. This one is posted to my recipe section here.

Super Almond Butter Toast

I call this super because I add not one, not two, but THREE superfoods to this toast to make it extra healthy and delicious. It’s simple and tastes like childhood. This is a toasted slice of Coco Bakes gluten-free sourdough bread topped with organic almond butter and sprinkled with Maldon salt, cinnamon and hemp seeds. The final step is a drizzle of raw, local honey. It’s a winning combo of salty-sweet packed with plant protein and healthy fats.

Veggie Burger Heaven

A good quality, frozen veggie burger is a must have for me. I buy some from a local health food restaurant (pictured), but I also love Amy’s Sonoma burgers. Unless you’re a total fancy pants who doesn’t like microwaving things (ahem, husband, ahem), a veggie burger heats up super fast in the microwave and is ideal for the days you’re wanting a hot lunch without cooking. The key is to pump it up a bit with all the other ingredients. My favorite bun is the grain-free one from Coco Bakes. Then I add a layer of Monty’s vegan cream cheese or butter to each side. Finally, all my savory sandwiches need some leafy greens such as micro greens, romaine or arugula.

If you make any of these quick and healthy vegan sandwiches, be sure to post and tag me on Instagram @jennifergabelhealth. Enjoy your lunch!

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    Love these ideas for lunch since Iā€™m usually eating lunch on the go! Thanks šŸ˜Š

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