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Sakara Discount Code + My Favorite Sakara Products

I’m so excited to be a Sakara affiliate and share my discount code with those of you who are new to Sakara.  As a long-time Sakara customer myself, I’m sharing some of my favorite Sakara offerings.

Enter the code below at checkout for 20% off your first order!  

***This post may contain affiliate links. As a Sakara and Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no cost to you but helps me run my website.***

Sakara Clean Boutique Metabolism Powder

Initially skeptical, I received a sample with one of my meal deliveries, liked the taste and decided to go for it.  Let me tell you, it works!  This is fundamental to my spinach overnight oats, which I have about 4 times per week.

Sakara Rx The Foundation

It would be tough for me to pick a favorite between this and the metabolism powder, but the Foundation comes in a very close second.  I love having all my vitamin and supplement needs in one pack.  No more opening various different bottles every day.  No more running out at different times.  I’ve been doing the subscription for 3 months and loving it.

Sakara Life Meal Delivery

Listen, it’s not cheap.  But organic, high quality food comes at a premium.  If you think of this like having a private chef, it becomes a bargain.  I keep a spreadsheet of the meals I’ve had so I know my favorites.  When I see them pop up on the menu, I’ll order for that week knowing I’m guaranteed to love it while trying other new meals.  It’s a happy morning when I wake up to a Sakara meal delivery.

Sakara Life 10-Day Reset

This was my gateway to Sakara.  It’s a budget-friendly alternative to the meal delivery program because you’re given recipes and guidance instead of pre-made meals.  It also comes with some of their best products, including the Detox bars (more on those below).

Sakara Cookbook Eat Clean Play Dirty

The next best thing to having the food delivered is being able to make some of my favorite meals. The red beet burger, daydreamer soba noodle bowl and pad Thai are some of my favorites.

Sakara Clean Boutique Dark Chocolate Granola

It’s dark chocolate and granola, two of my favorite things in one. I first discovered this on the meal program and was delighted when I was able to buy it through Sakara’s Clean Boutique. Now if only they’d start selling the coconut praline granola from the meal program too…

Sakara Clean Boutique Detox Tea

If my grandma was reincarnated as a tea, it would be this one.  There’s something incredibly comforting about this tea.  It’s strong but not overpowering, sweet but not sickeningly so.  I love that these come with the meal delivery too.

Sakara Clean Boutique Detox Bars

These are delicious, satisfying and a fun blue color.  Between this bar and the energy bar, the detox is my clear winner.  It’s perfect if I need a little something in between lunch and dinner.

Here’s the Sakara discount code again if you want to give any of these a try.  Let me know your thoughts if you do!

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