household cleaner recipe

My Household Cleaner Recipe

If you have crazy sensitive skin like I do, then chances are we’re among the few who didn’t panic buy Lysol and Clorox cleaners over the past few months.  As crazy as it may seem to some, I can’t use chemical cleaning products without causing a bout of contact dermatitis. If you’re lucky enough to not know what this is, imagine a hideous and itchy rash.  

We’ve been making our own household cleaner for years, but with the pandemic, we upped the stakes by introducing a new essential oil into the mix. It’s a blend called Germ Fighter made by my favorite essential oil brand, Plant Therapy. Germ fighter contains cinnamon, clove, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus so it’s not only immune boosting, but it smells fantastic!

Here’s our household cleaner recipe:

  • Equal parts water and white vinegar (we get the big organic container at Whole Foods)
  • 20 drops* Plant Therapy organic germ fighter essential oil

It’s as simple as that!  Super clean, skin-friendly and smells like the holidays!

Note: I’m a Plant Therapy affiliate, which means if you click a link in this post to buy their products, I may receive a small commission.  There’s no additional charge to you whatsoever, and I only promote brands I absolutely trust and love. If you’ve read my evening beauty routine, then you already know I go hard for Plant Therapy.

*The amount of essential oil you use may vary depending on how big your spray bottle is.

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