Sweet Potato Pizza With Mushrooms, Onion and Sage

Here’s a twist on the usual pizza that’s super simple and delicious!

Engine 2 pizza crust with sweet potato purée as the “sauce”, caramelized onions and mushrooms as the toppings, and a sprinkle of chopped sage and some Maldon salt. If you have nutritional yeast, go for it!

Follow the Engine 2 pizza crust instructions for heating temperature and time.

To make caramelized onions, slice up some yellow onions. Cook low and slow with a tiny (maybe 1 tsp) of preferred oil until caramelized.

You can used canned sweet potato puree if you have it. If not, you can roast, bake or boil your sweet potatoes before mashing up the inside. Roasting will add some extra flavor, plus you can roast the mushrooms at the same time!

I know sage is a bit of a stretch ingredient, but if you can get it, it really makes this special.

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