The 5 Things Inspiring Me in Health + Wellness Right Now

“You’ve been shadowbanned?!” asked my astrologist incredulously.  

Yup, after months of painstakingly promoting my business and my point of view regarding health and wellness while also trying not to offend anyone, I’d apparently offended Instagram enough for them to kick me off the platform.  The crime?  It’s unclear, but it happened after I posted the below picture to my stories saying how this would be my family’s flag if we were to form our own country.  To be clear, we’re talking about gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free cupcakes frosted with natural superfood powders to achieve a rainbow effect.  An anarchist, I am not.

I’ve appealed the decision – three times – but I’m not sure if or when I’ll ever get my account back.  If I don’t, I’ll likely create a new account and start over.  Annoying, but certainly not the end of the world.  Why?  Because I’m getting better at switching from the victim mentality of “why is this happening to me?” to the more empowering “why is this happening FOR me?”

Someone once told me a healthy relationship with social media is one where I create more than I consume.  I love the creative opportunities within social media, including the ability to create community.  When it comes to consumption, however, social media can be a little tricky to navigate.   As someone who rarely watches TV, I came to recognize that social media has all too often become a mindless form of entertainment in my life.  While this isn’t always a bad thing, just like watching TV isn’t always a bad thing, finding other ways to fill my time turned out to be a blessing. By consuming different content and seeking out alternative experiences, I discovered so much to inspire my next level of creativity. 

Move over social media: here’s what’s inspiring me in the world of health and wellness right now. Feel free to forward this along to anyone who may be looking for inspiration too!

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1. Feed Your Moon

Feed Your Moon by Crystal B. comes out today!  Whether you’re new to astrology or not, this book is fascinating on all levels.  The concept behind it is while we all have our personal astrology, our lives also experience different phases based on the moon.  For example, I’m in a Leo phase, which is a time in my life to step into the spotlight, increase confidence, etc.  Check me out here in my Leo skin for the photo shoot I did for Crystal’s book.  Also, the book cover is stunning, and I’m almost as excited to display it in my home as I am to read it.

2. Spirit Ride Studios

Spirit Ride Studios is open!  I met owner Tiffany Curren when I first took one of her life-changing breathwork sessions two years ago.  Tiffany has this wolf energy that makes me want to be a part of her pack.  I’m excited to experience her new studio and see how that wolf energy translates into her own space.  Speaking of…

3. Skin Mapping

I’m teaching a Skin Mapping workshop IN PERSON at Spirit Ride Studios.  Skin Mapping is a technique utilized in Chinese medicine, which connects outer skin issues to inner organ and systemic issues.  If you struggle with skin ailments as I used to, and have spent way too much money on fancy products and services as I used to, this workshop is worth checking out.  More info here.

4. Eleven Madison Park

For my NYC people, Eleven Madison Park is reopening next month after being closed for over a year.  While it’s as impossible as ever to get a reservation, the reason I’m so excited is because this restaurant with 3 Michelin stars ranked #1 in the world is reopening with a completely plant-based menu!  If you’re not anywhere near NYC and/or can’t get a reservation (ie. most of us), click here to listen to the Eleven Madison Park owner and chef Daniel Humm on the podcast How I Built This.  I particularly loved the part about the Miles Davis quote and then towards the end of the episode, the German translation for passion.

5. Fiber

On the topic of podcasts, another great listen was this Sakara podcast episode about fiber, called Making Fiber Sexy.  While I’m still not sure I’d call fiber sexy, my biggest takeaway was the importance of variety in our diets.  I’m going to dive deeper into this in a future post because it’s worth more than just a highlight mention, but it gave me a fun exercise to try, which I’m encouraging all of you to try too.  Count the number of different plants you consume in a week, aiming for at least 30. (For the record, plants refer to vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains.) If you’re an overachieving Hermione Granger-type, see how high you can get the count.  I tracked my number yesterday, and I counted 28 in just one day!  I dare you to beat me.  😈

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