Vegan Quesadillas

Quesadillas, vegan-style!!! We’ve been opting for very simple meals during these sweltering days. Other than getting the broccoli in the oven 45 minutes before we sat for dinner, the rest of dinner took 10 minutes to make.

This is a Food for Life sprouted wheat tortilla that I filled with Miyokos Creamery shredded non-dairy cheddar-style cheese, spinach (yes, there are more greens hiding in there!) and tomato. A vegan quesadilla, some roasted broccoli and a “side” salad (yes it’s in a mixing bowl – no tiny salads up in here) made for a healthy meal that was just as delicious as it was easy!

To make the quesadilla, warm a tortilla in a pan. Sprinkle cheese along one half, spinach and tomato on the other. It’s important not to overfill! Cover the pan to allow the cheese to melt and the spinach to wilt. Fold the tortilla in half, cheese side on top. Cover to heat long enough to get everything nice and melty together. Cut into four triangles, and serve with your favorite salsa or homemade guacamole.

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