Wild Shrimp Penne

Chickpea pasta with sautéed kale and cherry tomatoes, roasted cauliflower and grilled wild shrimp in a pesto sauce. Husband gets the credit for grilling the shrimp.

I used frozen cauliflower so I dressed it with olive oil and sea salt, before roasting at 425 for about 45 minutes because I like it well done.

Cook pasta according to box instructions. Drain and rinse with water, leaving the pasta in the strainer. To minimize clean up, use the same pot you cooked the pasta to steam the kale with its cover on until slightly wilted and then uncover. Add the tomatoes and cook until the tomatoes begin to wrinkle and break. Add the pasta back in and then add pesto sauce (we used Gotham Greens but you can make your own or simply use some olive oil, sea salt and maybe some fresh basil if you have it), stirring until well combined and nicely hot.

I topped my dish with shrimp, nutritional yeast and some dulse (seaweed) flakes, but if you eat dairy, this would also work well with parmesan cheese.

PS – I didn’t technically make the shrimp, but I supervised 😉 – my husband removed the tails and placed the raw shrimp onto skewers, dressed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper before grilling. I can’t say more about the grilling process as I fear the grill, but I will say it seemed they cooked for about five minutes, half the time on each side.

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