Pesto Tempeh Over Zucchini Noodles

Last week, I posted a version of this meal with chicken. This week, I used tempeh, which I love. I still remember the first time I ever had it 15 years ago at a fancy lunch place in the Hamptons – it was so foreign to me back then!

I’ve been really into zoodles for summer! They’re so light and refreshing. I’ve been buying them already prepped to save on time and clean up.

As you may have seen, I can – and do – throw a handful of spinach into pretty much anything and everything! Leafy greens are EVERYTHING for us, and I thank them all the time for my summer glow.

The sauce is Gotham Greens vegan pesto plus extra Redmond fine sea salt and Bragg’s nutritional yeast for extra cheesy flavor. Sauté it all together for about 10-15 minutes until well cooked and hot. It’s that easy!

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